BioSpec-nano Micro-volume UV-Vis Spectrophotometer

Designed for the Modern Life Science Laboratory

Spectrophotometer for Life Sciences

Small-volume spectrophotometer - Biospec-nano

The Shimadzu BioSpec-nano is a low-maintenance micro-volume spectrophotometer designed for the modern life science laboratory. It offers superior detection limits, up to 10 times better compared to the competition, making it the perfect instrument for quantitation of DNA, RNA, protein analysis, and photometric measurements. Quantitation can be rapidly and simply carried out with very small samples ranging from 1µL. And, with dedicated functions, such as automated sample mounting and wiping, the BioSpec-nano offers a rapid 3-second analysis time and a 10-second cycle time between samples.

micro volume spectrophotometer - biospec nano video


Automatic Mounting and Wiping Function

All operations from sample mounting to measurement and wiping are automatically performed. Tedious operations are unnecessary.

Sample dropping, Sample auto mount function, Auto wiping function

Quick Analysis

start button in software window, instrument start button

Just drop the sample onto the target and click the button. That's all there is to analysis. The instrument will perform sample mounting, measurement, and wiping. No need to move the wiper arm manually, nor wipe the liquid-contact parts with a cloth. Spectra measurement is conducted and the analysis data is obtained quickly.

1 µL - 2 µL Nucleic Acid Quantitaion *

Analysis can be performed with 1 µL (pathlength: 0.2 mm) or 2 µL (pathlength: 0.7 mm) samples. The sample is dropped onto the target with a pipette. The optional 5 mm cell allows measurement of 5 mm path length. * If the surface tension of the sample is small, droplets might not be formed with a 1 to 2 µL sample.

Easy-to-use Software

Basic operations can be conveniently performed by clicking icons in the software or function keys on the instrument itself. Analysis results can be converted to PDF or CSV files.

Easy-to-use software

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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