Large-Sample Compartments

Example of Reflectance Spectrum of a CD Disk

This large-sample compartment enables transmission and reflection measurements of various-shaped samples.

Optical System of Large-Sample Compartment

It has a built-in integrating sphere for accurate measurement of solid samples. It also features sample room around the integrating sphere to accommodate very large samples.


MPC-603A Multi-Purpose Large-Sample Compartment

MPC-603A Multi-Purpose Large-Sample Compartment

This multi-purpose sample compartment allows measurement of various shaped samples to obtain both reflection and transmission spectra. An integrating sphere is built-in to ensure accurate measurement of solid samples.

  • Wavelength range: 220 to 2600 nm
  • Detectors: PMT, InGaAs, cooled PbS
  • Maximum sample size: Transmission 305 mm dia. x 50 mm thick
    or 204 mm dia. x 300 mm thick
    Reflection 305 mm dia. x 50 mm thick
  • Original S-beam/R-beam switching function allows reflection measurement using incidence angles of 0 deg. for diffuse reflectance measurements and 8 deg. without leaning the sample for total reflectance measurements.
  • The V stage is built-in. The sample position can be freely adjusted both forward and backward as well as up and down.
Note 1: A separate space must be provided for the personal computer.

Note 2: A small table for the MPC-603A must be provided separate from that for the UV-3600 Plus.

Table dimensions: Able to accommodate MPC-603 unit (W580 x D420 mm)

Table height: Within +8 to -15 mm of the UV-3600 Plus table height

MPC-2200/3100 Multi-Purpose Large-Sample Compartment

MPC-2200/3100 Multi-Purpose Large-Sample Compartment
  • Measurement wavelength range: 240 to 800 nm (MPC-2200), 240 to 2600 nm (MPC-3100)
  • Maximum sample size:
    Transmission: 305 mm dia. x 50 mm T or 204 mm dia. x 300 mm T
    Reflection: 305 mm dia. x 50 mm T
  • For UV-2450/2550 (MPC-2200), UV-3600 Plus (MPC-3100)

MPC-2600A Multipurpose Sample Compartment

MPC-2600A Multipurpose Sample Compartment
  • Measurement wavelength range: 220 to 1400 nm
  • Maximum sample size:
    Transmittance: 305 mm dia. x 50 mm T or 204 mm dia. x 300 mm
    Reflectance: 305 mm dia. x 50 mm T

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