Thermal Melt Analysis System for Nucleic Acids

TMSPC-8 - TM Analysis System


The TM analysis system is an accessory to UV-VIS spectrophotometers (BioSpec-Mini, UV-1800, UV-2450/UV-2550 series, UV-3600), and is comprised of an thermoelectrically temperature controlled micro multi-cell holder employing a Peltier element and PC software specially designed for the purpose. The Tm analysis system measures the temperature at which the double strands which form nucleic acids (DNA, RNA) and nucleic acid analogs (PNA, S-oligo nucleic acid) separate (the melting temperature, Tm). It also makes possible more detailed analysis (analysis of thermodynamic parameters).


  • High throughput Tm measurement has been achieved through the adoption of a 100ul 8 series micro multi-cell.
  • All-in-one PC software is installed. By employing an easy to use graphical interface, the whole sequence of actions from setting up the measurement, to monitoring the measurement, Tm analysis, and printing can be executed seamlessly. A multitude of functions has been incorporated such as multiwavelength measurement, temperature programming function, and continuous/ stepped scan support.
  • Wide range, high precision temperature control
    Wide range measurement from 0°C to 110°C is supported. To analyze the Tm of samples below 37°C with a high degree of precision, data at low temperatures below 4°C is essential

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