UV Accessory Selection Guide for Liquids

Sample Analytical form and analytical condition Accessory
Liquids Transparent Sample sample volume 2.5mL - Standard compartments/10mm cell
micro volume analysis 1mL - Semi-micro cellMicro cell holders
500µL - Micro cellMicro cell holders
50µL - Super-micro cell+Super-micro cell holders
Multi samples 8/16 Series Micro Multi-Cell Holders and cells
When absorption is high and dilution is low Short-path cell (1 / 2 / 5mm) + Spacer for Short-path cell
When absorption is low and concentration is low Long-path cell (20 / 30 / 50 / 100 mm) + Long-path cell holder
Multi Samples Normal condition Multicell Sample Compartment (6 Cell)
Micro Samples 50µL - 8/16 Series Micro Multi-Cell Holders and cells
Temperature control Cell Positioner, Thermoelectrically Temperature Controlled CPS-240A
Temperature control Water Circulator Constant temperature cell holderNTT-2200P
electrically Temperature Controlled
Normal condition Thermoelectrically Temperature Controlled Cell Holder TCC-240A
Multi Samples Cell Positioner, Thermoelectrically Temperature Controlled CPS-240A
Tm Analysis / Temperature control Thermoelectric Single Cell Holder S-1700
Continuous measurement Temperature control Sipper 160CNTT-2200P
Without temperature control Sipper 160L/160T /160U
High repeatability of sipping volume Temperature control Syringe Sipper CN+ NTT-2200P
Without temperature control Syringe Sipper N
Automatic Analysis for multi sample Sipper 160 or Syringe Sipper + Auto Sample Changer ASC-5
Suspension Sample Absorption measurement of turbidimetric solution Analysis wavelength area 240nm - Integrating Sphere Attachment (ISR-240A/2200/2600/3100) *
190nm -Analysis from UV area SolidSpec-3700DUV
Turbidimetric analysis Turbidimetric analysis with Transmitted light 10 or 50mm cell+Long Path-cell holder
Turbidimetric analysis with Integrating Sphere Attachment Integrating Sphere Attachment (ISR-240A/2200/2600/3100) *

* UV-2450/2550/3600/SolidSpec-3700 only

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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