Kick Your Research into High Gear with the Shimadzu Academic Grant Program

Shimadzu Academic grant programs are now open for applications. Grants are available for all types of research and all researchers, and may be applied toward the purchase of a variety of instruments and techniques, including spectroscopy, chromatography, mass spectrometry, biotechnology, balances, environmental, surface analysis, testing equipment, and medical equipment.

New Shimadzu products available for the grant program:

New professors: Shimadzu can help make your startup funds go further with our Academic grant programs.

  • Shimadzu has been making specific equipment funds, contributions and rebates available to universities and new professors in the US for over 18 years.
  • Our intention is to encourage instrumentation uses in areas that will be of interest to our customer base and the research community.
  • Grants can apply to grad or undergrad programs, and for teaching or research use.
  • Program applies to any Shimadzu branded products and Service contracts.
  • Funds are for equipment purchases.
  • Open to academic researchers at colleges, universities and nonprofit research institutes within the United States and US territories only.

Don’t forget to ask about the Shimadzu SPARQ Program which is designed to build a long-term relationship between Shimadzu and your Academic Institution.

Shimadzu SPARQ Program
  • SPARQ programs are individualized to a specific set of goals for the institution
  • Our intention is to encourage a true partnership in areas that will be of mutual interest to both organizations
  • SPARQ develops partnerships at the highest levels in both organizations
  • Partnerships are based on a shared vision, shared values, and synergistic and complementary capabilities.
  • SPARQ programs can involve multiple instruments and can be campus-wide or involve multiple sites.

Universities that have utilized the Shimadzu grant program

Learn more about the Shimadzu Insititue for Research Technologies in the video below.