Air pollution is recognized as one of the major environmental issues because it causes acid rain and photochemical smog as well as direct inhalation. In order to prevent air pollution, it is important to monitor the air and its sources. We provides analytical equipment and solutions that can monitor not only the atmospheric environment, but also the working environment and sources of emissions.

Environmental air



Air pollution has long been a major problem, and it is necessary to maintain and conserve the air environment. In recent years, global warming has become one of the important issues. Here are some examples of analysis of various substances in the atmospheric environment, such as aldehydes, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and greenhouse gases (GHGs).

Exhaust gas



Air pollution is caused by pollutants emiimportant to monitor the sources to prevent tted from sources such as automobiles and plants, so it is air pollution. Here, we will introduce an example of analysis of substances in the exhaust gas of automobiles and particles in the exhaust gas.

Indoor air



It is necessary to take measures to prevent people from being exposed to substances causing sick house syndrome and toxic substances in the work environment such as painting, and to prevent health problems. Examples of analysis and measurement of regulated substances, hazardous substances, and ventilation in indoor and work environments are introduced.

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