EP-100 and EP-110 Electronic Printers

Easy-to-Use Printers, Supporting Good Laboratory Practice

EP-110 and EP-100 Electronic Printers

The EP-100 and EP-110 electronic printers for Shimadzu balances are easy-to-use, provide time and signature information, and support Good Laboratory Practice (GLP).

Supported balance models include: APW and APY; AUW, AUW-D, AUX, and AUY; ATX and ATY; UW and UX; TW, TWC, TX, TXB, and TXC; BW-K and BX-K; ELB; BL; and the MOC63u moisture balance.


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Supporting ISO and Good Laboratory Practices

To support ISO and Good Laboratory Practice (GLP), the EP-100 and EP-110 output time and signature information. In addition, the EP-110 has further functions, including pipette calibration, user-defined calculations, an averaging mode, a formulation mode, and an interval printing mode.

Modes, Functions, Applications

Automatic Balance Communication

Communication with a balance is automatic. No operator setup required.

EP-110 OLED Display

The EP-110 incorporates an easy-to-read, brightly illuminated OLED dot matrix display.


EP-100 and EP-110 Electronic Printers

Model EP-100 EP-110
Display -- OLED dot matrix display
(128 x 64)
Protected date setting -- Prevents changes of time and date
Printing method 8-pin reciprocating impact dot matrix
Printing speed Approx. 1.7 lines/sec
Printer head life 1 million lines
Printing character size
(W x H)
Approx. 1.7 x 2.6 mm
Interface RS232 DB9
Power supply Input 100 to 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz; Output 12 V DC, 1,500 mA
Operating temperature/humidity range1 5 to 45⁰C; 10 to 80% RH

1) Non-condensing.

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