SMK Specific Gravity Measurement Kits

Offering Simple, Straightforward Measurements

Specific Gravity Measurement Kit

The combination of a Shimadzu balance and a SMK specific gravity measurement kit provides simple, precise measurements of specific gravity for solid samples. Liquid-specific gravity measurements are available on most models with the addition of an optional sinker.

Supported balance models include: APW, APW-D, APX, and APY; AUW, AUW-D, AUX, and AUY; UW and UX; and ELB.



Specific Gravity Values Using the Immersion Method

The SMK specific gravity measurement kits use the immersion method to quickly determine specific gravity values.

Specific Gravity Immersion Method


Integrated Specific Gravity Measurement Modes

Specific gravity measurement modes are included in the applicable Shimadzu balances. For the APW, APW-D, APX, and APY model balances, a text-based navigation function is also available that walks users through the specific gravity measurement process.

Specific Gravity Measurement Modes


Model Part Number Compatible Balance Models
Sample Type
Solid Liquid1
SMK-601 321-60550-03 APW, APW-D, APX, & APY
SMK-401 321-60550-01 AUW, AUW-D, AUX, & AUY
SMK-201 321-42253-00 ELB (≥600 g)  
SMK-102 321-60576-12 UW & UX (≤1,020 g)
SMK-101 321-60576-01 UW & UX (≥2,200 g)

1) Requires an additional sinker.

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