Shimadzu Consumables - Columns

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments sells Shimadzu-manufactured LC and GC columns, as well as distributes Restek-branded columns. Click for more information on our available columns.

Shim-pack Velox Columns

Designed to maximize the performance of LC systems, Shimadzu’s Shim-pack Velox columns with core shell technology enable you to achieve increased separations and faster analysis times on any LC platform


A complete selection of solvents, standards, and reagents is available from Shimadzu including Alsachim standards and Honeywell solvents.

Sample Preparation

Supplying ultra-clean and low-binding plastics we offer numerous sample preparation devices like SPE cartridges, QuEChERS material, pipettes and tips.

Laboratory Consumables

From vials to filters and gloves to glassware, no matter your needs, we offer an array of products to simplify your purchasing and increase your productivity.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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