EHF-L Series Tabletop Electric-Hydraulic Dynamic and Fatigue Testing System

For Fatigue and Endurance Testing of Various Materials and Small Parts

EHF-L Series Specifications

EHF-L Series Dimensions

EHF-L Series Dimensions With Table Housing AF-4 Hydraulic Power Supply Unit

With Table Housing AF-4 Hydraulic Power Supply Unit

EHF-L Series Specifications

Amplitude Characteristics (60 Hz)

  • The above characteristic curves indicate the relation between half-amplitude and cycle speed, given sine wave motion at the rated load level.
  • The above indicates the amplitude characteristics given a 60 Hz power supply. Characteristics with a 50 Hz power supply will be
    about 5/6 of indicated values.
  • The above characteristics do not include the frame or load cell characteristics. Compensate for the influence of these factors to
    determine actual amplitude characteristics.
  • The indicated characteristics values were calculated based on typical characteristics of the servo valve being used, which may result in a difference of about 10 % on the frequency axis.
  • There may be limitations on testing frequencies, depending on jig, sample, or other characteristics.
Amplitude Characteristics (60 Hz)

Standard Layout

Standard Layout
  • At the installation site, provide about 500 mm of space on all four sides of the system, in addition to the space requirements indicated above, to allow access for operation and maintenance.
  • The drawing above indicates the dedicated space requirements. The shape and orientation of the hydraulic power supply unit may vary depending on its capacity.
  • For a more detailed standard layout drawing, contact Shimadzu.
  • The standard system configuration does not include the table, computer, or printer.

With Table Housing AF-4
Hydraulic Power Supply Unit

Standard Layout With Table Housing AF-4Hydraulic Power Supply Unit
Main unit Hydraulic
supply unit
(W x D)
L5kN QF-10B 2000×2200
L10kN QF-20B 2000×2400
L20kN AF-10B 2000×2400
AF-20B 2000×2400

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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