IRTracer-100 Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) Spectrophotometer

The research-grade platform for FTIR Speed, Sensitivity and Resolution

IRTracer-100 FTIR Spectrophotometer for infrared spectroscopy

Combining high speed, sensitivity and resolution with enhanced expandability and easy-to-use FTIR software, the IRTracer-100 FTIR spectrophotometer is your answer for research and development. In addition to carrying out routine work, the IRTracer-100 is ideal for analyzing gas, micro contaminants and work requiring analysis in the near-IR and far-IR regions. Applicable markets are pharmaceutical, environment, food, forensics, nanomaterials, chemicals and electronics. It offers full functionality for all FTIR techniques, including transmission, diffuse reflection and attenuated total reflection (ATR), to meet a diverse range of application requirements.

The IRTracer-100 offers a highly stable dynamic alignment mechanism and the robust S/N ratio of 60,000:1 for highly sensitive and accurate measurements. Furthermore, additional detectors, light sources and beam splitters can be added to expand to the far-IR and near-IR regions (overall scan range of 12,500 to 240 cm−1), as well as to achieve more sensitivity with an MCT (Mercury-Cadmium-Telluride) detector. The instrument is also fully suitable for monitoring rapid reactions or in-line gas measurement with the capability to obtain up to 20 spectra/second. In addition, it features an electronic auto drying system which is active even when the unit is not powered on. With the active electronic drying system, the IRTracer-100 provides an airtight interferometer structure that ensures that the optical components are fully protected, maintaining long-term stability.

The standard-sized sample compartment of the IRTracer-100 allows for a wide variety of accessories, both from Shimadzu and third-party manufacturers, including a variety of ATR accessories and FTIR microscopes to address any analytical need. Many accessories are available with an auto-recognition chip system, allowing automated FTIR testing and set up of parameters. This enhances security options for regulated environments while reducing errors associated with users and the environment.

In addition, with the included advanced LabSolutions IR control software, users can get the most out of the instrument in terms of data acquisition, analysis, data integrity and user administration. With the proper software compliance package, the IRTracer-100 and the software setup can provide total data integrity, user administration and audit trails to fully comply with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliance.

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IRTracer-100 Features

  • Expandable to include the near-IR and far-IR regions in addition to the standard mid-IR region
  • Ideal for monitoring rapid reactions or in-line gas measurement with up to 20 measurements/second. Learn more
  • Standard-sized sample compartment ensures the use of accessories manufactured by both Shimadzu and third-party makers
  • Wide variety of accessories availableAttenuated Total Reflectance (ATR), FTIR microscope, Reflectance measurement (Diffuse and Specular), Solid Sampling Kit, Liquid Sampling Kit, Gas Measurement Kit and many more, including custom accessories (Accessories Selection Guide)

    ATR accessory reduces analysis time significantly compared to the traditional KBr pellet method and sample prep is non-existent

    - FTIR microscopes (AIM-9000 microscope, SurveyIR microscope) allow for measurements of very small, micron sized samples. These samples include microplastics, contaminants in circuit boards and deposits in machinery fractures, just to name a few
  • Signal-to-Noise ratio of 60,000:1, the highest in its class - high spectral quality ensures robust chemical ID
  • FTIR Library containing 12,000 spectra of common polymers, chemical compounds and contaminants is included. Additional libraries are available as options.
  • Electronic dehumidifier ensures that the interferometer is always free of moisture even when the unit is not powered on. This produces high-quality data and prolongs the life of the instrument
  • MCT (Mercury-Cadmium-Telluride) detector can be added for highly sensitive measurements
  • Advanced Dynamic Alignment system ensures optimum and stable quality spectra
  • Included LabSolutions IR software offers advanced features such as film thickness measurement, validation functions, Kramers–Kronig transformation, spectral search, peak pick, advanced PLS analysis and many more.
  • Advanced Regulatory Compliance

    - GLP/GMP, FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and other regulations with the appropriate software package

    - Full support for Pharmacopeia (JP, USP and EP). Validation programs are included for users to periodically measure and record the integrity of measurements
  • Enhanced security functions to provide audit trails and various user authority levels (“Administrator”, “Developer” and “Operator”)

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