Nexis SCD-2030 Sulfur Chemiluminescence Detector

SCD-2030 Sulfur Chemiluminescence Detector


The Nexis SCD-2030, used with the Nexis GC-2030, is a next-generation sulfur chemiluminescence detection system. It has been developed to fulfill the unmet needs of laboratories the world over. The dramatically enhanced sensitivity and reliability, the excellent maintainability, and the automation functions, a first for the industry, will improve laboratory productivity. This detector is ideally suited for applications in many fields including petrochemical and foods.

Shimadzu SCD-2030 - The Redox Cell 


Highly efficient redox cell

The horizontal redox cell, an industry first, ensures an ample reaction time and reaction zone within the cell, promoting the sample's redox reaction. As a result, it provides highly stable analyses even when samples are loaded with a high column flowrate. This newly designed redox cell also enables long-term stability of the detector.

Simplified maintenance and automation functions

Shimadzu's unique horizontal redox cell makes it quicker to access and replace the inner pyro-tube without disassembling the redox cell. The system also has the ability to automatically condition the pyro-tube. When combined with LabSolutions workstation software, the instrument can start up with the optimal conditions at a specific date and time, and everything from system checks to starting and finishing analysis to system shutdown can be performed automatically. 

Best-in-Class sensitivity

In order to prevent losses in sensitivity, Nexis SCD-2030 introduces unstable components generated in the redox cell into the reaction chamber at faster speeds. This is accomplished by utilizing the industry's first ultrashort flow path (patent pending). With this revolutionary short flow path, sensitivity for both peak area and signal to noise ratio can be improved by 2.5 times over the traditional SCD flow path length

Shimadzu SCD-2030 - Concentration Range


The SCD gives the highest sensitivity for sulfur compounds among the existing detection methods.  Monitoring sulfur compounds is very important for applications like protecting valuable catalysts used in a reaction process or determining excess sulfur produced in beverages through fermentation processes.  The Nexis SCD-2030 is capable of the high-sensitivity detection of various sulfur compounds contained in many products.


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