CFT-100/500 EX Flowtester

Precision measurements of melt flow rate, shear rate, and viscosity

CFT-100/500 EX Flowtester


Hardware Specifications

Test method Constant test force extrusion using weights
Type of tests Constant temperature method and constant heating rate test
Extruding Pressure Range CFT-500EX 0.4903-49.03 MPa (5-500 kgf/cm2).
0.4903 MPa (5 kgf/cm2) step selection
CFT-100EX 0.098-9.807 MPa (1-100 kgf/cm2)
0.098 MPa (1 kgf/cm2) step selection
Pressure precision Better than ±1% of the set value
Measuring Range CFT-500EX 8 x 10-1 (*1)-1 x 106 (*2) Pa • s
  CFT-100EX 1.6 x 10-1 (*1)-2 x 105 (*2) Pa • s 1 x 101 to 1x 106 Pa-s

(*1) for 0.5 ID x 1.0 mm length die
(*2) for 1.0 ID x 1.0 mm length die
Heating Method Electric, 500W
Test temperature Range 20 °C above room temperature to 400°C
Heat Sensor Platinum resistance temperature sensor
Measuring Precision Error of Heat Sensor ±0.3 °C + error of the heat sensor (±0.3 °C + 0.005 °C)
Control Precision ±0.2°C in stable state
Heating Rate
(Constant Heating Rate Tests Only)
Heating rate 0.5-6.0°C/min, min. 0.1 °C step
Piston Stroke Effective stroke 15mm
Stroke detector Linear potentiometer
Measuring precision ±0.5% (for 15 mm stroke)
Resolution 0.01mm
Maximum sample size 1.5cm3
Piston diameter 11.282mm (1cm2 in cross sectional area)
Cylinder diameter 11.329mm
Standard dies (interchangeable) 0.5 ID x 1.0mm length (tool steel)
1.0 ID x 1.0mm length (tool steel)
1.0 ID x 10.0mm length (stainless steel)
2.095 ID x 8 mm length (stainless steel)
Operational requirements Power Source 100VAC, 50/60Hz, 7A max.
Pneumatic Source About 0.5 MPa (4 kgf/cm2), 15NL/run
Temperature 10-35°C (below 29°C in wet bulb reading)
Humidity Humidity 30-80% (No condensation)
Approximate dimensions and weight Rheometer Main Body 690 W x 650 D x 1,530 H mm, 160kg
Control Computer Compatible Operating Software Windows 8.1, Windows 7 (32bit/64bit)
  Communication Interface USB 2.0, 1 port
  Display 1280 x 1024 or higher resolution recommended

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