DUH Series Dynamic Ultra Micro Hardness Testers

Precise Hardness Evaluation of Micro Regions

DUH Series Dynamic Ultra Micro Hardness Testers

Dynamic and Static Micro Hardness Assessment of Thin Films, Fibers, and Surface-Treated Layers

When testing the hardness of thin films and surface-treated layers, care must be taken to avoid penetrating to a depth where effects from the underlying substrate interfere with the measurement. Also, when indenting nonmetallic materials, such as plastics and rubbers, low forces are needed. The ideal solution to both these situations is Shimadzu’s DUH series of dynamic ultra micro hardness testers.

The DUH series uses low electromagnetic force to press an indenter into a specimen and measure the depth during indentation up to 10 µm. A triangular pyramid indenter with a tip angle of 115° is used as standard. This process determines dynamic changes that occur in the specimen’s resistance to deformation and enables calculation of parameters such as dynamic hardness, indentation elastic modulus, and work done during both plastic and elastic deformation.

The DUH is available in two models:

  • DUH-211 – enables load-hold, load-unload, and cyclic test modes
  • DUH-211S – includes depth setting, depth setting load-unload, step load, and step load-unload test modes, in addition to the test modes available with the DUH-211


Evaluation of Hardness and Material Parameters in Accordance with ISO Standard 14577-1 Annex A

The DUH series evaluates indentation hardness, indentation elastic modulus, and amount of work done during indentation in compliance with ISO 14577-1 Annex A.

Low Test Forces and Precision Depth Measurement

The available test force range is 0.1 mN (0.01 gf) to 1,961 mN (200 gf) with an accuracy of ±19.6 µN or ±1% of the displayed force, whichever is greater, and the indentation depth can be measured up to 10 µm in increments of 0.0001 µm.

Accurate Assessment of Elastic Modulus

The elastic modulus is measured with high accuracy due to corrections based on the instrument’s rigidity and the shape of the indenter.

Supports Static Indentation Testing

Length measurement of diagonals and calculation of Vickers or Knoop hardness is available. Vickers and Knoop indenters are offered as optional parts.

Wide Range of Testing Methods

The DUH-211S supports straightforward load-hold, load-unload, and cyclic tests, as well as more complex depth setting load-unload and step load-unload tests.

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