SMV-301/301RT Mooney Viscometer

Designed with ease-of-use and safety at the forefront

SMV-301/301RT Mooney Viscometer


The SMV-301/301RT can be run using the LCD touch screen panel to allow for evaluation of materials during in-line processes. Test conditions and file parameters can be set using the intuitive graphical interface.

LCD Touch Screen

The auto-start function is enabled when the windbreaker is closed. Once this is done, the Standby button can be pressed to start a run with the set parameters. When this is done, the crosshead will be lowered automatically and the test will start.

Time vs Mooney Value Graph

Once the run(s) are finished, data can be examined from the panel. By setting pass/fail conditions, samples can be quickly monitored to see whether the sample falls within specifications. Detailed sample results can also be examined. Reports can be printed out after connection with a PC or using an optional on-board printer.

Stress Relaxation Results

When multiple runs have been performed, statistical data can be visualized through either a scatter plot or a histogram.

Scatter Plot and Histogram

The SMV-301/301RT can also optionally be run from a PC, where the SMV-301 software can run up to four separate instruments on a single PC.

SMV-301 Software Screen

The PC software provides an even more intuitive layout and power for the SMV-301/301RT by providing a sleek interface for users to set the necessary parameters needed for their measurements. Statistical analyses are made even easier with the ability to easily select multiple measurements to examine.

SMV-301 Software Screens

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