i-Series Integrated HPLC and UHPLC Systems

High Performance Liquid Chromatograph

Compact, robust series of high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) systems

The i-Series HPLC and UHPLC systems are built for fast and accurate sample analysis

The need for a more flexible work style – driven by increased automation, while attaining consistent, high-quality results for all users – continues to grow among chromatographers. Shimadzu answers the call with the i-Series line of integrated HPLC/UHPLC systems. The i-Series HPLC/UHPLC redefines integrated LC technology by adding innovative, intelligent and intuitive features to industry-leading performance. The system delivers outstanding data quality, improved workflow efficiency, and maximum uptime. Finally, an LC as smart and flexible as you!

Key Features

Key features of the i-Series Integrated HPLC and UHPLC Systems
  • Detector flexibility to support a range of applications
  • Large sample capacity - Autosampler accommodates 4 plates (1.5 mL vials, 4 mL vials, MTP)
  • Auto-shutdown feature to save energy
  • Auto-validation feature for easy operation
  • Smart Flow Control to protect columns from damage
  • Touch screen QR Codes to access web-based instructional videos right on your smart device
  • LabSolutions and multi-vendor software compatibility

Quick Specs

 Parameter LC-2050 LC-2060C

Maximum Operating Pressure
50 MPa (7,251 psi) 70 MPa (10,152 psi)

Solvent Delivery
Quaternary pump, up to 10 mL/min

Total-volume sample injection with needle-in-flow path design, give volumes (0.1 to 2000 ul)

Sample Capacity
4 plates (336 samples with 1 mL vials, 216 with 1.5 mL vials, 112 samples with 4 mL vials)

Built-in UV or PDA, optional detectors: fluorescence, refractive index, ELSD, single quad MS

Column Capacity
3 columns (maximum length of 300 mm), or 6 columns (maximum length of 100 mm)


Small footprint, sleek design, reduced energy consumption

  • Eco-friendly HPLC/UHPLC systems with several models available to meet your lab needs

    i-Series are eco-friendly models built with product sustainability in mind – featuring reduced energy consumption, dimensions and weight. Multiple configurations and accessories are available to suit your analysis methods. With the compact design and built-in UV or PDA detector, you can position additional detectors such as ELSD, fluorescence, or refractive index detectors vertically, rather than horizontally. So you can easily expand your i-Series system detection capabilities without increasing its footprint – saving valuable lab space. The sleek design features LCD touch screen, a large capacity, open access autosampler, and a slim column oven with expanded temperature range and ability to fit up to six columns.

  • Small footprint, sleek design, reduced energy consumption

Analytical Intelligence features and total control remote operation

  • Analytical Intelligence features and total control remote operation - i-Series
  • Streamline sample analysis with automated functions from instrument startup to analysis completion

    The Analytical Intelligence features of i-Series systems enable higher productivity and maximum reliability. Automated start-up and shutdown enable reduced energy consumption and less labor. Another automated feature is FlowPilot, which increases the flow rate gradually to protect columns from damage, saving money on lab consumables. i-Series autosamplers include easy-to-use automatic pretreatment functions, such as co-injection, auto-dilution, and reagent addition that reduce lab workload.

    The i-PDeA II peak deconvolution function – available with PDA detectors on The LabSolutions™ platform – enables qualitative and quantitative analysis of peaks not fully separated by the column. You can also use it to check the purity of target peaks. With LabSolutions, you benefit from remote operation and monitoring of all instruments on the analytical network from any locations, even from home. So you can reduce the time and labor required to travel to and from the laboratory for improved work efficiency.

LC system fully compatible with CDS software used in your lab

  • Flowless operation with Empower™, Chromeleon™ & OpenLab

    Shimadzu developed the drivers and works directly with other software vendors to ensure complete compatibility and flowless instrument operation regardless of software platform. The process for setting and saving instrument parameters is the same on i-Series systems as on other systems. That makes setup easy, even for first-time users. So you can reduce or even eliminate the need for training by integrating i-Series systems with Empower™, Chromeleon™, or OpenLab software for easy operation.

  • LC system fully compatible with CDS software used in your lab-Empower™, Chromeleon™ & OpenLab


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