i-Series Plus Integrated HPLC Systems

i-Series Plus

Providing the Ultimate Balance of High-Level Performance and Ease-of-Use in an Integrated HPLC

You asked for it, you got it.

Every i-Series has a touch-screen LCD display for easy, intuitive system control and chromatogram viewing, built-in degassing, quaternary solvent delivery, autosampler and UV or PDA detector. As always, sample injections are the fastest around (< 14 seconds), with ultra-low carryover.


Fully integrated system

Fully integrated system with all necessary HPLC components in a space saving design

The degasser, quaternary solvent delivery for gradient or isocratic elution, autosampler with Cooler Option (4 - 45 C), large capacity column oven (up to six 100 mm columns or three 300 mm columns), and detector (UV or PDA) in one compact system.

Touch-screen LCD display

Touch-screen LCD display

Easy and intuitive complete system control. Also possible for chromatogram viewing away from software.

*New to i-Series Plus* - Sample Pretreatment

Automate sample dilution and reagent/internal standard addition.

new sample pretreatment

Open Access Sample Placement

Open Access Sample Placement

A direct access mechanism enhances work efficiency by allowing users to place new samples into racks that are not involved in sample injection during analysis. And samples racks can also be shared by multiple analysts without interrupting other users’ analysis.

Enhanced Quantitative Performance

Achieve wider linear range and repeatability for the smallest injected volumes of 1 μL or less.

Enhanced quantitative performance

Possible for Add-on Detectors or Column Switching

Possible for Add-on Detectors or Column Switching

Add a refractive index or fluorescence detector.

Column switching is possible between two or six columns and is software controlled.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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