i-Series Integrated HPLC and UHPLC Systems

  • i-Series Integrated HPLC Systems

There is increasing demand for improved workflow efficiency and a more flexible working style. Ideas about LC analysis are changing. The new analytical environment should allow for remote operation and consistent results across a range of instrument users. The new, integrated i-Series (U)HPLC systems build on the excellence of Shimadzu’s previous models, meeting the demands of an increasingly varied range of users, locations, and approaches to analysis while always delivering highly reliable analytical results.


Remote instrument operation and monitoring allow analyses to be performed remotely, thereby reducing the time spent in the laboratory.


Software integration ensures both data reliability and improved work efficiency.


Intuitive operation ensures efficient workflow.

The New LC-2050/2060 models build on a tradition of excellence

i-Series Integrated HPLC Systems - 2050 / 2060
  • User Friendly Operation
  • Small Benchtop Footprint
  • Large Capacity Autosampler
  • Choice of integrated UV or PDA detector
  • Easy Addition of an External Detector
  • Easy Method Transfer from other instrument platforms.
  • LC-2050 - 50 MPa (7,300 psi)
  • LC-2060 - 70 MPa (10,000 psi)
Model Sample Cooling Built-In Detector
LC-2050   UV
LC-2050C x UV
LC-2050 3D   PDA
LC-2050C 3D x PDA
LC-2050C LT x  
LC-2060 x UV
LC-2060 3D x PDA


Analytical Intelligence 
mobile phase monitor

Mobile Phase Monitor

The i-Series Mobile Phase Monitor uses real-time, measurement of the solvents and warns you if you don’t have enough to complete the batch.

  • Available in both 1L and 5L bottle sizes (or a combination). 
  • Monitoring on smart devices - PC / iOS / Android


Analytical Intelligence 



HPLC columns of all types can be damaged by sudden pump starts and stops as well as extreme gradient changes.

Smart flow control - i-Series


The i-Series now uses Smart Flow Control, ramping the flow rate gradually to the set point according to the status of the column oven.

i-PDeA II Peak Deconvolution


Achieving baseline separation of LC target components can be difficult and time-consuming, co-eluting peaks are common.

i-PDeA II makes the deconvolution of peaks simple and automatic. The result is a virtual separation that can be used for quantitative determinations.

i-PDeA II Peak Deconvolution - i-Series



Analytical Intelligence 

Simplified User Interface

i-Series - simplified user interface

The user interface replicates system flow channels and is used to visually check the operating status of the system. Method editing can also be performed from the same screen. With its LCD touch screen and intuitive design, even users who are completely new to liquid chromatography can navigate controls with minimal training.

Learn more about the i-Series Integrated UHPLC System


The new, integrated i-Series LC system keeps the excellent performance of its predecessor but also addresses the demands of an increasingly varied range of users, locations, and approaches to analysis while always delivering highly reliable analytical results.


Experience a new approach to analysis activities with the new i-Series. Times now call for an analytical environment that can deliver identical results regardless of whether the analyst is present in the laboratory or familiar with the operating procedures, as long as the analyst performs the same operations and data analysis.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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