Nexera Prep - Column Hub

Nexera Prep - Column Holder

Shimadzu offers complete solutions for preparative purification chromatography that result in clean, repeatable isolates and with a workflow friendly to lab personnel of all experience levels.


The column hub offers an elegant solution for organizing multiple preparative columns. It can be equipped with column selection valves and a leak sensor to ensure laboratory safety in the event of a leak at preparative flow rates. The unit has a side-accessible right-panel door for convenient access when the unit sits next to the open-bed FRC-40 Fraction Collector or LH-40 Liquid Handler.

Column Hub Specifications

  • The column hub can house up to 6 columns (<15 cm) or 2 columns (>15 cm)
  • It can be equipped with a subcontroller which controls a leak sensor and up to 4 rotary valves for diverse applications.

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