Nexera Prep Liquid Handler - LH-40

Nexera Prep Liquid Handler - LH-40

Shimadzu offers complete solutions for preparative purification chromatography that result in clean, repeatable isolates and with a workflow friendly to lab personnel of all experience levels.

The LH-40 serves as a preparative autosampler as well as a fraction collector for LC preparative purification. It offers all the benefits of the FRC-40 for sample capacity and scalability, and allows up to 20 mL of sample to be injected from any location in the sample bed. A liquid sensing needle enables sample injection until a container is empty, and an optional purity verification kit may be used to verify the purity of fractions after they are collected.​

Liquid Handler LH-40 Specifications

  • The LH-40 accommodates up to 9 standard racks and can perform injections up to 20 mL at 150 mL/minute
  • It has a maximum pressure rating of 25 MPa and has a variety of optional parts to expand capability such as the purity verification kit.

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