MALDI-7090TM TOF-TOF Mass Spectrometer

Unparalleled MS/MS Resolution and Excellent Mass Accuracy

A true multi-user high performance MALDI TOF-TOF Mass Spectrometer


The MALDI-7090TM is targeted for proteomics and tissue imaging. It combines Shimadzu’s extensive MALDI TOF-TOF mass spectrometry expertise with novel patented technology to provide ultimate performance in identification and structural characterization of biomolecules.

MALDI-7090 sets a new benchmark in MALDI TOF-TOF design:

  • Market leading MS/MS resolution

  • Proprietary solid state UV laser technology

  • Ultra Fast acquisition speed in MS and MS/MS

  • Integrated 10 plate loader

  • Newly designed MALDI SolutionsTM software

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