DSC-60/60A Differential Scanning Calorimeters

Excellent Sensitivity with Fast Cooling

Differential Scanning Calorimeter


Since DSC (Differential Scanning Calorimeter) is essential for material evaluation and uses general-purpose analysis techniques, these instruments are widely utilized in material development, production and control. The inclination to use DSC as a method of quality control equipment continues to increase.

In an effort to stay on the cutting edge of technology and to repudiate the conventional wisdom that automatic samplers' are "expensive, bulky equipment dedicated to control", SHIMADZU has developed the DSC-60A automatic DSC, based on the concept of the DSC with built-in "tweezers". Additionally, utilization of state-of-the-art software functions cost effective efficiency, and a compact body that can be installed in a limited space are some of the standard features of the DSC-60A.

  • Increased Sensitivity and Resolution with Progressive DSC Detector
  • Excellent S/N Ratio
  • Integrated Cooling Operation
  • Convenient Detector Cleaning with Simplest Operations
  • Simple Operation to Mail Data via Internet
  • Progressive Reporting Functions Based on OLE
  • Fully Compatible Windows® 95 32-bit Applications
  • Compatible with TA-50 Series Modules

The built-in automatic sampler can be installed in a small space. (DSC-60)

Set up samples for 24 hours worth of analysis. (DSC-60A)

DSC-60 Specifications

Principle Heat Flux Type
Heat Flow Range ± 40µW
Hold Time 0 - 999 min, hour
Noise level 1µW
Size (mm) 300Wx 490Dx 290H
Temperature Range -150 to 600° C
Program Rate 0 - 99°K/min, °K/hour
Cooling Time about 6 min from 600°C to 40°C with LN2
Atmosphere Inert gas or air
Power supply 100/120 VAC 800AV


DSC-60A Specifications

Model DSC-60A
Configuration DSC-60+AUS-60
Measuring principle Heat-flux type
Temperature range -140°C ~ +600°C *
Measuring range ±40mW
Programmable heating/cooling rate 0 to 99.9°C /min or °C /hour
Noise 1mW
Atmosphere Oxidative or inert gas
Number of positions 24 samples per tray
Sample Tray 1(standard)
Reference Fixed Automatic Automatic analysis and print for template format
Dimension W:300 D:490 H:290 mm
Weight 24 Kg
Required power supply AC 100,120V, 800VA, 50/60Hz

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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