LabSolutions TA Software for Thermal Analyzers

Software screens - LabSolutions TA Software for Thermal Analyzers

Workstation for Enhanced Operability

LabSolutions TA features an innovative design and enhanced functionality which allows for intuitive operation and data management. It enables simultaneous control of up to four thermal analysis instruments. As part of the LabSolutions™ family, this software is network compatible.



Smooth Operating Environment

Lab Solutions TA offers a new clear design and intuitive software navigation. Up to four thermal analysis instruments can be monitored simultaneously in the same window.

Optimizing Lab Productivity

Data acquisition and post-run analysis

Data acquisition and post-run analysis are fully automated using the template function. By choosing a specific file as a template, the same data analysis and manipulations are automatically applied from sample to sample. The report format can also be configured using a template to ensure that there is a standard data presentation for each run.

Compliance with US FDA CFR Part 11 Requirements

LabSolutions TA, in conjunction with LabSolutions TA DB or CS manager, provides advanced security and user management functions and offers the tools necessary for compliance with electronic record and electronic signature (ER/ES) regulations, such as FDA 21 CFR Part 11, PIC/S GMP, etc. It prevents unauthorized access and saves instrument history in an event log (such as login, logout, and measurement start and stop events). This ensures traceability of measurement results. The audit trail function ensures data reliability.

LabSolutions Network Overview

LabSolutions TA

Data files are saved and managed in a folder on the PC. There is no user management. While carrying over the functionality of the TA-60WS, software operability has been improved, making it more user friendly. This software is recommended for people who would prefer the same method as before, and people who use the system only occasionally.


LabSolutions DB TA*

LabSolutions DB TA, which can provide secure data management on a single PC, integrates data management functions into LabSolutions TA, and is compatible with FDA 21 CFR Part 11, PIC/S GMP, and other regulations. This configuration is ideal for customers who manage their data on a single PC. It is recommended for customers who do not require a network connection and want ER/ES compliance only for a stand-alone system.


LabSolutions CS*

With LabSolutions CS, all analysis data is managed with a database on a server computer, so the data can be read from any computer on the network. This is recommended if there are many users, LC and GC data is managed together on a server, and the customer wants ER/ES compatibility.

Note: A license is required in order to read data on a PC other than the acquisition controller PC to which the thermal analyzer is connected.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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