SSM-5000A Solid Sample Combustion Unit

SSM-5000A - Solid Sample Combustion Unit

Combining the SSM-5000A with a TOC-L/TOC-V Lab TOC analyzer permits analysis of many solid samples in addition to aqueous samples, including soil, sludge, and sediments. Carbon measurement in attached residues using the swab method can be conducted for cleaning validation.


  • Analysis of 1 g samples with up to 30 mg carbon content reduces weighing errors or errors due to the uneven distribution of the sample carbon content.
  • The use of unique tandem measurement cells, combining a long cell to measure aqueous samples and a short cell for solid samples, permits a single TOC analyzer to handle a range from several 10 ppb TOC in ultrapure water to 10% TOC in solid samples.
  • Measurement of inorganic carbon (carbonate) in solid samples is also easy.
  • Aqueous samples containing large amounts of suspended matter can be analyzed by inputting the sample in a sample boat.
  • Switching between TOC-L/TOC-V Lab TOC analysis of aqueous samples and SSM-5000A measurements of solid samples is achieved by simple screen settings.
  • The SSM-5000A can be attached to a TOC-L/TOC-V Lab TOC unit with Autosampler installed. (Automatic measurement of solid samples is not possible.)


Analyte TC, IC, TOC (TC-IC)

TC: Catalytically aided combustion oxidation at 900°C
IC: Pre-acidification, oven temperature: 250°C

Measuring range TC: 0.1 mg to 30 mg carbon
IC: 0.1 mg to 20 mg carbon
Sample Amount 1 gram - aqueous content < 0.5 g
Repeatability S.D. ±1% of full scale range.
Analysis Time 5 to 6 minutes at a gas rate of 500 mL/min.
Carrier Gas 99.9% O2 at 500 mL/min.
Ambient temperature requirements 5° to 35° C
Power requirements

100-127V or 220-240V as ordered. 12A: TOC-5A: SSM-7A. 50/60Hz

Weight about 30 kg

*Will vary with sample type and measurement conditions

Special Accessories Part Number Remarks

Tandem Cell Set

P/N 638-93097-00 Required to upgrade existing TOC-5000/5050 with 200mm cell.

Connection Set P/N 638-70292-00 Only one necessary for all option boards.
Flow Unit P/N 638-92098-02 Carrier/combustion gas controller for 500 mL/min.

The SSM-5000 requires:

  • ROM Version 3.00 or later, P/N 638-64712-12 or -11 (TOC-5000/5050 respectively).
  • Main Board Assembly
  • Main Board Installation Plate, P/N 631-26518-00, necessary for TOC-5000/5050 with Serial Numbers prior to 30O27441.
  • Tandem Cell Set, P/N 638-93097-00, necessary to upgrade existing TOC-5000/5050.
  • Flow Unit, P/N 638-92098-02, or other means to supply carrier/combustion gas at 500 mL/min.

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