TNPC-4110C Online Total Nitrogen/Phosphorus/TOC Analyzers

Automatic Water Analyzers

Total Nitrogen Analyzer or Total Phosphorus Analyzer

The TNPC-4110c is an easy to handle and simple to maintain total nitrogen/phosphorous/carbon analyzer intended for use as an automatic water analyzer for the water quality regulations, governing total nitrogen and total phosphorous.

The TNPC-4110c has the optional capability of measuring Total Organic Carbon (TOC). This complete system is capable of pretreating, digesting, and analyzing the sample automatically; as a result, it saves time and labor, and eliminates errors associated with sample preparation.

The TNPC-4110c series utilizes the contact thermal decomposition/chemiluminescence method to measure total nitrogen, and measures phosphorous through the use of Ultraviolet oxidation decomposition/molybdenum blue absorptiometry.


  • Multifunction injection system which allows automatic sample preparation, digestion, and analysis
  • Simply constructed which allows long-term stability and easy maintenance
  • Built-in load calculator, which can act as an alarm for specific actions
  • Automatic calibration, which ensures continuous reliability of the data
  • Monitoring of up to 7 streams
  • Pretreatment sampling system, decreases time and labor involved in sample preparation
  • Analog / Contact Input, Output allows controlling the instrument and sampling in remote areas


  • Continuous monitoring of waste water
  • Continuous monitoring of public water sources such as dams, rivers, and lakes
  • Process management of the water in manufacturing processes
  • Management of the denitrification / dephosphorization process

benefits of online monitoring of carbon, nitrogen and phosphorous


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