TOC Control Software

Standalone or PC-controlled Combustion Analyzers

Providing Intuitive Operability and a Wealth of Functions

TOC-Control L/V is the control software provided as standard with PC-controlled total organic carbon analyzers. It provides excellent operability and a wealth of functions to fully support analysis work. In addition, security and integrity are maintained by data system management using TOC-Control L/V. This protects valuable customer data, and reinforces compatibility with electronic records/electronic signature regulations. (ER/ES: electronic records, electronic signatures.)

Easier, More Intuitive Operation

Shimadzu’s TOC Control Software has been designed to simplify analysis work with an easy-to-understand display screen and a variety of functions, including:

  • User-friendly display of the name, ID, and measurement results for selected samples, all in specific columns
  • List of files used by type that can be sorted by file name and date created
  • Ability to insert samples by dragging and dropping measurement conditions files
  • Simply drag the mouse over cells to batch-enter identical character strings, and sequential IDs and vial numbers

TOC Control Software - Main Screen

In addition, the software enables:
Addition of Samples During Continuous Measurement

TOC Control Software - Sample Test Table Screen

Creation of Schedule Files

The measurement of multiple samples, configured by measurement condition and vial number, can be registered as a schedule file, providing support for routine measurements.

Accuracy Control Function

Samples can be inserted into a measurement schedule, and if the measurement results fall outside of the configured range, re-measurement and other procedures can be performed automatically

Input/Output of Text Files

Output measurement results as text files for use in Excel or other applications. In addition, text files can be imported as measurement schedules.

USB Connectivity
21 CFR Part 11 Compatibility

The system provides user authentication with ID and password, and can log the operational history.

TOC Control Software - Policy Settings Screen

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