TOC-VW Wet Chemical Total Organic Carbon Analyzers

Rapid Breakdown of Difficult-to-Oxidize Compounds

Wet Chemical Total Organic Carbon Analyzers

TOC-VWS: Wet oxidation/NDIR method, standalone
TOC-VWP: Wet oxidation/NDIR method, PC-controlled

Shimadzu’s TOC-VW can be operated as a UV/Persulfate TOC, a Heated/Persulfate TOC, or as a unique Heated-UV-Persulfate TOC system. The three oxidation methods ensure rapid breakdown of difficult-to-oxidize compounds up to 1.6 mm in diameter and and shorter analysis time. The most powerful wet chemical TOC on the market, it is capable of measuring down to 0.5 ppb of TOC and up to 3000 ppm.


  • Newly designed high-sensitivity NDIR detector - achieves ultra-high sensitivity measurements, eliminates false peaks, and contains 5 orders of magnitude linearity
  • Sensitivity and accuracy enhanced by minimizing the reagent blanks that hinder accurate analysis.
  • Over-range samples can be compared with up to three calibration curves automatically
  • Powerful oxidation through a combination of peroxosulfuric acid, UV illumination, and heating.
  • No need for purging of reagent bottle reduces consumption of carrier gas.
  • Random-access autosampler control
  • Multipoint calibration curves in user-selectable concentration
  • Each sample can be automatically compared
  • Sample and standard peak profiles can be viewed


  Wet oxidation Total Organic Carbon Analyzer PC-Controlled Total Organic Carbon Analyzer
Model TOC-Vws TOC-Vwp
Measurement Method Wet oxidation/NDIR
Operation Method Standalone PC-controlled
Measured Items TC,IC,TOC,NPOC
Applicable Samples Aqueous sample
Measurement Range TC:0 to 3500
IC:0 to 3500
Detection Limit 0.5 µg/L
Measurement accuracy (Responsibility) CV 1.5% max
CV 2% max at 1000 mg/L or higher
Measuring Time TC: approx 4 mins
IC: approx 4 mins
Sample Injection Automatic Injection
Sample Injection volume 350 to 20400 µl variable
IC pre-treatment Automatic internal acidification and sparging
Automatic dilution Dilution factor 2 to 50
Gas Consumption Approx 3000 L/month (NPOC)
(operating conditions: 8 hours/day x 5 days/wk)
Operating Keys Built-in Use PC
Display Built-in LCD Use PC
Printer CENTRONICS, ESC/P PC printer
Ambient temperature range 5 to 35 deg C
Power supply AC 100 ~ 127V ± 10%, MAX 350 VA
AC 220 ~ 240V ± 10%, MAX 350 VA
Dimensions Approx. (W)440 x (D)560 x (H)460mm
(excluding protrusions)
Weight Approx. 40 kg

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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