DSES-1000 Long-Travel Extensometer for Soft Materials

DSES-1000 Long-Travel Extensometer for Soft Materials

Highly Accurate and Seamlessly Integrated Long-Travel Extensometer

The DSES-1000 is a long-travel contact extensometer designed to measure displacement in tensile tests of soft materials with considerable elongation. Fully integrated with Trapezium X testing software, the DSES-1000 is compatible with Shimadzu’s AG-X Plus series, AGS-X series, and EZ-X series material testing machines.


Measurement of Long Displacement with High Exactness
The DSES-1000 enables measurement of elongations up to 4,000% for a gauge length of 10 mm. In addition, it achieves ±0.2% relative measurement accuracy above 50 mm stroke and within ±100 µm below 50 mm stroke.

Quick, Convenient Clamping
The upper and lower arms of the extensometer are clamped to a sample using a simple, single operation. Each arm tracks sample elongation independently. The floating arm mechanism (patent pending) ensures tests can be performed reliably without the arms disengaging from samples. The DSES-1000 can even be attached to the sample before chucking the sample.

Compliant with Rubber Tensile Testing Standards and Low Elongation Recovery Tests
The DSES-1000 is compatible with ASTM D412-06a, ISO 37:201, ISO 5893:2002, JIS K6251:2010, and JIS K6272:2003 rubber tensile testing standards. Due to its superior tracking ability when displacement reverses direction, the extensometer is capable of compliance with low elongation recovery tests, such as those specified in JIS K6254.

Accommodates Multiple Specimen Shapes and Gauge Lengths
Choose from a range of edges to suit different size and shape specimens and gauge blocks for testing with gauge lengths up to 200 mm and up to 2 in.

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