EZ-X Series Universal Electromechanical Test Frames

Compact Test Frames, Ideal for a Wide Variety of Evaluation Testing

EZ-SX Short-Stroke Model, EZ-LX Long-Stroke Model - Universal Test Frame

Testing Machine Configurator



Shimadzu’s EZ-X series single-column universal test frames provide a convenient solution for low-capacity testing of medical devices, pharmaceuticals, electronics, food, and raw materials. To further support customer requirements, a wide variety of load cells, easy-to-exchange test fixtures, and accessories is available.

EZ-X Series:

  • EZ-SX short-column test frame – 500 N (110 lbf)
  • EZ-LX long-stroke and high-speed test frame – 2 kN (440 lbf)
  • EZ-LX long-stroke test frame – 5 kN (1,100 lbf)
  • Load cell options from 1 N to 5 kN (0.22 lbf to 1,100 lbf)

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