Real-Time Strain View TM Software

Optional Software for the TRViewX Non-Contact Digital Video Extensometer

Grid marks applied to the surface of the sample are compared before and after deformation of the object,enabling real-time 2D mapping of the strain distribution.

Operations are performed seamlessly using the TRViewX software. The strain data can be saved in CSV format, allowing import into simulation software.

Real-Time Strain View Software Screen Diagram

1. Displays the Strain Distribution in Real Time

Real Time Display of Strain Distribution

  • Real-time display!
  • The strain distribution can be observed together with the stress-strain curve.
  • Strain behavior can be determined while controlling the strain rate.

2. Simple, Seamless Operations

Simple, Seamless Operations

  • Simple operations completely linked to TRAPEZIUM™ X-V software.
  • Strain images at specified points on the curve can be displayed.
  • Reports incorporating strain images can be created.

3. Saves Strain Values in CSV Format

CSV export to simulation software

  • Capable of export to simulation software.

Example of Plastic Measurements

Example of Plastic Measurements Strain Graph

Example of Plastic Measurements Strain Distribution


Example of Open-Hole CFRP Plate Measurements

Open-Hole CFRP Plate Measurements Strain Graph

Open-Hole CFRP Plate Measurements Strain Distribution



TRViewX Non-Contact Digital Video Extensometer
Item Specifications
Frame rate for strain distribution calculations Real time:3 fps
Recalculation after testing:15 fps
Available lens type Field of view 120 mm or 240 mm
Compatible image sizes Standard size only
Operating environment Temperature: 5℃ to 35℃
Humidity: 20 to 80%
*Measurement in temperature-controlled environmental chamber is not supported.

Note 1: Two A3 sized grid stickers are provided as standard.
Note 2: The strain distribution calculation results are reference values.

TRAPEZIUM is a trademarks of Shimadzu Corporation.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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