TRViewX Non-Contact Digital Video Extensometer

Providing Precise, High-accuracy Measurements


High-Accuracy Non-Contact Elongation and Width Measurement

TRViewX is a video extensometer for the AG-X Plus series, AGS-X, UH-X/FX series, and EZ-X series of universal testing machines. High-accuracy elongation measurements compliant with ISO 9513 Class 0.5 and JIS B7741 Class 0.5 standards at room temperature makes TRViewX ideal for testing an extensive variety of materials in a wide range of applications.

TRViewX supports temperature-dependent measurements within environmental chambers, and because TRViewX is a non-contact measurement system, it is suitable for thin films, foils, and wires, which can be damaged by contact extensometers during testing.

There are two types of TRViewX:

  • TRViewX S – single-camera series with five different options of fields of view in the vertical direction
  • TRViewX D – double-camera series, which has two different cameras spanning different vertical fields of view and the system automatically switches between cameras when the sample elongation reaches the limit of the smaller field-of-view camera
  Model Name Camera Field of View
Single Camera (TRViewX S Series) TRViewX55S 55 mm 1
TRViewX120S 120 mm 1
TRViewX240S 240 mm 1
TRViewX500S 500 mm 1
TRViewX800S 800 mm 2
Double Camera 3 (TRViewX D Series) TRViewX500D Camera 1: 120 mm 1
Camera 2: 500 mm 1
TRViewX800D Camera 1: 120 mm 1
Camera 2: 800 mm 2

1 Elongation accuracy is ISO 9513 and JIS B7741 Class 0.5 at room temperature.
2 Elongation accuracy is ISO 9513 and JIS B7741 Class 1 at room temperature.
3 The double-camera series use camera 1 for field-of-view measurements up to 120 mm, then switches to camera 2 for measurements above 120 mm.


Complete Synchronization with Trapezium X Testing Software
Simply select TRViewX testing conditions in Trapezium X to automatically set the measurement mode and display the real-time specimen image. All operations from start to finish of a test can be controlled by the software. Gauge lengths are automatically measured when testing begins.

Onscreen Specimen Setting Assistance
Onscreen assistance is provided for specimen mounting, movement of grips to the test start position, and mounting of measurement markers to simplify measurement setup. Assistance is provided as guidelines superimposed on the specimen image.

Image and Video Capture
Playback of the entire test, further examination in the vicinity of a fracture, frame-by-frame playback, and review of testing graphs synchronized with the specimen video are supported by TRViewX with Trapezium X testing software. In addition, selection of a graph point displays the corresponding test image and a further click allows output of the image into a report.

Width Measurement Provided
TRViewX measures width changes during tests with relative accuracy up to ±0.5%. By simultaneously measuring elongation and width, TRViewX is able to calculate Lankford value (r value) and Poisson’s ratio for films, foils, and other thin specimens.

Compatible with Strain Control and Cycle Loading Tests
Combined with the autotuning functionality of the AG-X plus series or AGS-X series universal testers, high-accuracy strain control testing is performed based on extensometer values. TRViewX is also compatible with cycle loading tests.

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