UH-X and UH-FX Series Universal Hydraulic Test Frames

User-Friendly Test Frames for High-Capacity Applications

UH-X Model, UH-FX Model

Testing Machine Configurator



Shimadzu’s UH-X and UH-FX series hydraulic universal test frames are easy-to-use, economical solutions for high-capacity testing. With an integrated LCD touch panel and controller unit, the UH-X and UH-FX are completely self-contained, reducing footprint and eliminating exposed hydraulic lines. UH-X test frames include enclosed manual grips, whereas UH-FX test frames have actuated open-front hydraulic grips.

UH-X and UH-FX Series:

  • Standard test frames from 200 kN to 2,000 kN (44,000 lbf to 440,000 lbf)
  • Extended height options
  • Enclosed manual grips options
  • Front-open hydraulic grips options
  • Large-capacity test frames over 2,000 kN (440,000 lbf)

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