LabSolutions UV-Vis

LabSolutions™ UV-Vis

Analytical Data System for UV-Vis Spectrophotometers

Solutions Achieved with LabSolutions DB System

Reliable LabSolutions Software

Shimadzu offers a LabSolutions DB UV-Vis to meet the requirements of ER/ES regulations.

UV-Vis Spectrophotometer with Computer Connection

LabSolutions DB UV-Vis

LabSolutions DB UV-Vis foundation is based on an database. The database allows for data management and user management. The system is optimally configured for customers using a PC to be compliant with ER/ES regulations,

Name LabSolutions UV-Vis LabSolutions DB UV-Vis System
Data management method Measured data files are saved and
managed in folders on the PC.
Measured data files are saved and managed in the LabSolutions database.
Data references The software references files
on drives or in folders on the PC.
The software references files in the database.
LabSolutions database Unavailable Available (The database resides on a local PC)
User administration Unavailable Available
Rights group administration Unavailable Available
Project administration Unavailable Available
Standalone /network Only the standalone configuration
can be used.
Only the standalone configuration
can be used.
Data backup Performed on a file-by-file basis using Windows Explorer. Performed for each database.

Operates with LabSolutions, Shimadzu's reliable and popular workstation used in chromatography and spectroscopic analysis.

LabSolutions Software Screen

LabSolutions Software Screen


Database Management Prevents Mistakes

With LabSolutions DB UV-Vis System, the data being analyzed is managed securely by the database. Overwriting, deletion and other mistakes typical of data file management do not occur. When postrun analysis is performed using the acquired data, postrun analysis data revision numbers are automatically assigned, preventing the accidental overwriting of raw data.

Database Management Diagram


Solid Security

An audit trail can be configured to ensure data reliability and document email transmission. User accounts are manged using passwords. Password length, complexity and term of validity are setup to satisfy specified requirements. Lockout functions to prevent illegal access and user deletions are available. A box can be selected to prevent overwriting a data file and outputting an item to a report can also be performed.


Pertinent Information Managed for Every Project

LabSolutions DB UV-Vis System provide a project management function enabling management of tasks and system operations. This function allows equipment and user management, security policy, and data processing to be set on a project-by-project basis, hence improving the efficiency of data searches and management tasks.

Information Management Diagram


Visualization of the Sequence of Analysis Operations

Creating a report set* provides visibility of the individual analytical operations involved in the overall analytical process. When analytical operations are visible, it is easier to check for operating errors, which helps improve the efficiency and reliability of checking processes.

* Report sets include test methods and test results for a series of samples analyzed, and also a corresponding operation log (a record of all operating events from login to logout), which is automatically extracted from the data and summarized in a single report.

Sequence of Analysis Operations Diagram



UV-VIS Spectrophotometer Series Controlled with LabSolutions UV-Vis


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