Drug Screening and Confirmation

Drug Screening and confirmation (blood, urine, oral fluids, THC, DOA): With the number of drug cases and intoxications increasing annually, it is important to effectively analyze and measure low levels of designer, medical, and illicit drugs in forensic laboratories.

Shimadzu's UFMS line of mass spectrometers allows for fast, accurate screening and confirmation for many of these drugs. Shimadzu offers not only chromatographic and mass spec solutions for different matrices such as oral fluids, blood, plasma, and urine, but also offers an automated online sample preparation system.

Shimadzu's multiple libraries and databases allow for accurate library searching and similarity score matching for over two thousand compounds. Most of this work has been performed using GC-MS; More recently, there has been a shift to LC-MS/MS due to the faster analysis times and simpler sample preparation.


Analytical Techniques: LC-MS/MS, GC-MS, CLAM-2000, GC Libraries, LC-MS/MS Tox Database


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