The importance of reliable, rigorous quality analysis and quality control in pharmaceutical manufacture and distribution cannot be overstated.  Consumers trust your products to safely and effectively deliver medicines that improve and sustain life.  In order to provide this assurance across a wide variety of therapeutic modalities and drug delivery mechanisms, you need a partner that understands how to build a solution that unifies instrument results, data integrity, and regulatory compliance.  Shimadzu has a broad range of analytical instruments to meet your QA/QC needs, and bring together data management and reporting capabilities that goes far beyond the chromatography data system to a laboratory data system.

Whether your tasks involve routine potency and impurities analysis by USP monograph, or testing the push-out strength of blister pack OTC tablets, Shimadzu has the instruments, service and support to help you maintain up time and avoid Out of Specification results before they happen.

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USP Application Compendium


Learn more about USP monograph and other applications for FTIR, GC, Residual Solvents per USP <467>, HPLC including modernization of methods per USP <621>, Physical Testing per USP <915> and <1912>, TOC per USP <643> and <661.1-2>.