High Tensile Strength Metal Alloys

Universal Test Frame AGX-V

Shimadzu universal testing machines are used to measure the mechanical properties of new lighter weight, high strength alloys employed in the production of car body panels and other components. Shimadzu's AGX-V test frames provide the rigidity, wide test speed range, rapid response electronics and high precision required to characterize advanced alloys with confidence.


Evaluating Car Body and Exterior Sheet Steel Strength

Strength evaluations of sheet steel used for car doors and hoods are performed as standard tests.
In an effort to strike a balance between fuel economy and safety, sheet steel manufacturers compete aggressively to develop lightweight, high-strength materials. To develop this type of sheet steel and perform quality control and machinability inspections, testing machines are used for tensile testing to obtain process-hardening coefficients (n values), rupture strength and elastic modulus.

The Shimadzu Autograph features a variety of grips, displacement measuring devices and width sensors designed for these tensile tests, and with the TRAPEZIUMX computer system, they can be performed efficiently by anyone.

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