RF-6000 Spectrofluorophotometer


Enabling Accurate, Efficient Fluorescence Spectroscopy Analysis

Incorporating technology cultivated over decades of developing fluorescence spectrometers, the versatile RF-6000 fluorescence spectrophotometer maximizes the capabilities of fluorescence spectroscopy with high-speed 3D measurements, ultrafast scanning, outstanding sensitivity, and more uptime. When combined with intuitive software, the RF-6000 spectrofluorometer is ideal for a wide range of applications, from routine analysis to research and development, in such areas as pharmaceuticals, food science, environmental monitoring, and chemicals.

  • In addition to traditional excitation-emission analysis, multiple other analyses are available, such as bioluminescence, chemiluminescence and electro-luminescence.
  • Fluorescence Excitation-Emission Matrix (FEEM) and Synchronous Scanning for differentiating between very similar species
  • Quantum Yield and Quantum Efficiency
  • 2,000-hr long-life Xe lamp and Extended range PMT detector to scan the wavelength range up to 900 nm
  • Suitable for a wide variety of fields, including pharmaceuticals, chemicals, life science, food, environmental and electrical/electronics
  • GLP/GMP, FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and other regulations with the appropriate software package
  • Full support for Pharmacopeia (JP, USP and EP). Validation programs are included for users to periodically measure and record the integrity of measurements

Wide Variety of Spectral Techniques

  • Enhanced sensitivity and dynamic range enable fluorescence as well as bioluminescence, chemiluminescence, and electro-luminescence measurements.
  • High-speed 3D scanning enables rapid acquisition of 3D spectra.
  • Spectral-Corrected Excitation and Emission spectra can be scanned.
  • Fluorescence quantum yield and Fluorescence quantum efficiency measurements are available.

High Sensitivity, High Stability and High Speed

  • Highest level SNR in its class: 1,000 or more (RMS) /350 or more (P-P)
  • High-speed scanning of 60,000 nm/min minimizes scan time.

Excellent Usability

  • Easy-to-use LabSolutions RF software simplifies analysis.
  • Validation routines included.
  • Status bar in LabSolutions RF indicates lamp and accessory status.
  • Large sample compartment for all analytical needs.

Supports Applications in a Wide Variety of Fields

Application Areas

This product is certified as Shimadzu's Eco-Products Plus.
Reduced power consumption by 46% compared with conventional Shimadzu's products.


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