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Extract the Smallest of Shoulder Peaks ANALYTICAL INTELLIGENCE

The i-PeakFinder tool can automatically recognize peaks even in complex chromatograms with high noise, and accounts for baseline drift for higher integration accuracy. Adjustable parameters in i-PeakFinder, such as peak detection threshold, allow the user to detect smaller peaks. In addition, the i-PDeA II function can quantify peaks that cannot be completely separated by a column. Separate peaks by simply specifying the time and wavelength in LabSolutions.

Extract the Smallest of Shoulder Peaks


Spectrum analysis with i-PDeA II


Manually setting the baseline for fused peaks is time-consuming, and the peaks may be split differently depending on the user. The i-PeakFinder has adjustable parameters for different analyses, allowing the consistent application of the best baseline in each situation.

Consistent Peak Splitting


It is important to use the most appropriate column in your LC system to achieve the highest efficiency and most accurate chromatograms. The Shim-pack series consists of a range of columns designed with the increased capabilities of the Nexera in mind. The superior ruggedness of Shim-pack columns ensures a long lifetime even with demanding sample matrices.

Shim-pack Velox™

The superficially porous particle (SPP) technology allows for optimum separation and analysis times. The range of column types available enables you to choose the most appropriate column for each application.

Shim-pack Velox™

Shim-pack™ XR-ODS II & III

Although the Shim-pack XR-ODS II has a particle size of 2.2 μm, it can be used up to a pressure of 60 MPa, making it appropriate for a wide range of analyses. The particle size of the XR-ODS III column has been reduced to 1.6 μm. With a maximum pressure of 100 MPa, it achieves high separation even with a short column length.
These columns are suitable for shortening analysis times while taking full advantage of the high separation power of UHPLC.

Shim-pack™ XR-ODS II & III

Shim-pack™ GIS/GIST/GISS

The Shim-pack GIS/GIST/GISS series lineup includes columns with particle sizes ranging from 5 μm, appropriate for HPLCs, to 2 μm, appropriate for UHPLCs. With a variety of substrates available, they are ideal for method development.

GIS Series: HPLC columns packed with a high-purity silica gel material as a base. With high particle uniformity to secure the mobile phase path, these columns are ideal for low-pressure analysis.
GIST Series: An increase in the inertness of the silica results in improved peak shapes and ruggedness. Can be used in pH 1–10 environments. Easy to use for a wide range of chemicals and environments.
GISS Series: Adding to the advantages of the GIST series, a faster elution time has been achieved to provide even sharper peaks.

Shim-pack Scepter

Excellent stability and performance could be achieved under a wide range of LC conditions with Shim-pack Scepter LC columns, which are the next generation organic silica hybrid based columns. With different chemistry characteristics, Shim-pack Scepter columns are effective for method development/scouting with suitability for use in a wide variety of applications. With different particle sizes (1.9 μm, 3 μm, 5 μm) and different column dimensions, Shim-pack Scepter LC columns are fully scalable between UHPLC, HPLC and preparative LC making method transfer seamless between different laboratory instrumentation.



  • Automated support functions utilizing digital technology, such as M2M, IoT, and Artificial Intelligence (AI), that enable higher productivity and maximum reliability.
  • Allows a system to monitor and diagnose itself, handle any issues during data acquisition without user input, and automatically behave as if it were operated by an expert.
  • Supports the acquisition of high-quality, reproducible data regardless of an operator’s skill level for both routine and demanding applications.


Software Options

LabSolutions Series

Related information

Solvent Delivery Unit

Part Name
Low-pressure gradient unit Low-pressure gradient unit for LC-40D/40D XR/40D XS/40D X3
Reservoir selection valve Two-solvent switching unit to be incorporated in solvent delivery unit
FCV-11AL The mobile phase switching valve of 3 flow lines that connects to solvent delivery unit (external)
FCV-11ALS The mobile phase switching valve of 1 flow line that connects to solvent delivery unit (external)
Automatic rinsing kit Automatic rinsing kit for plunger seal cleaning
Mixer MR 20 μL High-efficiency mixer for high-pressure gradient system (volume 20 μL)
Mixer MR 40 μL High-efficiency mixer for high-pressure gradient system (volume 40 μL)
Mixer MR 100 μL High-efficiency mixer for high-pressure gradient system (volume 100 μL)
Mixer MR 180 μL High-efficiency mixer for high-pressure gradient system (volume 180 μL)
Mixer MR 40 μL LPGE
High-efficiency mixer for high-pressure gradient system (volume 40 μL)
Mixer MR 300 μL LPGE High-efficiency mixer for high-pressure gradient system (volume 300 μL)


Part Name Description
Sample loop 50 μL Sample loop for 50 μL injection (standard configuration of SIL-40 XR/40C XR/40C XS/40C X3)
100 μL Sample loop for 100 μL injection (standard configuration of SIL-40/40C)
500 μL
Sample loop to increase the injection volume up to 500 μL
(Connect sample loop 100 μL)
2000 μL Sample loop to increase the injection volume up to 2 mL
(Connect sample loop 100 μL)
Dual-injection kit Tubing kits for dual injection 
Sample loop for
loop injection
5 μL Sample loop for loop injection mode (volume 5 μL)
20 μL Sample loop for loop injection mode (volume 20 μL)
50 μL Sample loop for loop injection mode (volume 50 μL)
1.5 mL Plate for 1.5 mL sample vial (54)
Sample plate 1 mL Plate for 1 mL sample vial (84)
4 mL Plate for 4 mL sample vial (28)
10 mL Plate for 10 mL sample vial (12)
For 96-well
Identification label affixed to the 96-well microtiter plate (100 set)
For 96-well
deep-well plates
Identi‰cation label affixed to the 96-well deep-well plate (100 set)
For 384-well
Identi‰cation label affixed to the 384-well microtiter plate (100 set)
For 384-well
deep-well plates
Identification label affixed to the 384-well deep-well plate (100 set)

Column Oven

Part Name Description
Active pre-heater Pre-heater device for thermostatting mobile phase before the column inlet
Nexlock™ SS ID 0.1 mm×600 mm Finger-tight high-pressure fitting
ID 0.3 mm×600 mm

UV Detector / PDA Detector

Part Name Description
UHPLC cell Flow cell for high-speed analysis (volume 8 μL)
Semi-micro cell Flow cell for semi-micro analysis (volume 2.5 μL)
Conventional cell Flow cell with the same cell volume (12 μL) as standard cell of SPD-20A and SPD-M20A
Inert cell Inert-type flow cell with metal-less wetted parts
Preparative cell Preparative flow cell with variable optical path length
Micro flow cell Flow cell for micro analysis (volume 0.21 μL)
Maximum pressure cell High-pressure resisting flow cell for Nexera™ UC
Solvent recycle valve Valve to recycle mobile phase by attaching to SPD-40/40V


Part Name Description
Mobile phase monitor (controller)
MPM-40 controller to monitor remaining mobile phase in real-time
Up to six bottle holders can be connected
Reservoir tray Reservoir tray for up to 8 bottles (1L)
AD board Board for analog–digital conversion. It takes in detector signals as analog signals.
Optical cable connector
expansion board
The board to expand the number of optical cable connector channels to 12ch from 8ch
(standard) by attaching to SCL-40/CBM-40


Part Name Description
FCV-DR Drive unit and control board for incorporating valve into CTOs (1 FCV valve is required separately)
FCV-0206 2-position 6-port valve (Maximum pressure: 44 MPa)
FCV-0607 6-position 7-port valve (Maximum pressure: 44 MPa)
FCV-0206H 2-position 6-port valve (Maximum pressure: 80 MPa)
FCV-0607H 6-position 7-port valve (Maximum pressure: 80 MPa)
FCV-0206H3 2-position 6-port valve (Maximum pressure: 130 MPa)
FCV-0607H3 6-position 7-port valve (Maximum pressure: 130 MPa)6