Nexera series - Modular UHPLC/HPLC Systems - Features

Ultra High Performance Liquid Chromatograph

Maximize Throughput with Faster Instrument Processes

Just one Nexera HPLC can save you up to 256 hours per year.

Think about what an extra six weeks of throughput is worth to you.

Data Analysis with Intelligent Peak Deconvolution Analysis (i-PDeA II)

Intelligent Peak Deconvolution Analysis (i-PDeA) is a data analysis technique that extracts a single peak from co-eluted peaks and quantitates it by exploiting the differences in spectra between each compound.

i-PDeA II enables users to visualize and detect a minor single impurity even when the impurity is co-eluted with an analyte. It also facilitates the separation of hard-to-separate peaks on the column through computer processing and deconvolution of the spectrum information, which reduces the effort required to investigate separation parameters.


Nexera Series Key Features

Analytical Intelligence
New Smart Flow control during start-up and shutdown
Auto-diagnosis and Auto-recovery from flow anomalies
Remote maintenance and laboratory management
Mobile Phase Monitor with true gravimetric monitoring of the available mobile phase quantity (Optional)
Efficiency High efficiency chromatography with up to 130 MPa (~19,000 psi) pressure tolerance and LPGE or HPGE solvent delivery
Speed and Carryover Ultra-fast injection cycles (7 sec) with lowest carryover
Connect Connection via Ethernet
Capacity High capacity sample handling with optional plate changer. Remarkably small footprint.

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The LabSolutions Unified Laboratory Management System



The LabSolutions software platform is Shimadzu’s ULMS systems. It provides a single, easy to use interface for multiple types of Shimadzu instruments. LabSolutions ULMS provides extremely efficient laboratory workflows while still providing the high level functionality and data management that our customers have come to expect from all Shimadzu products.

When multiple types of instruments are included on the same LabSolutions ULMS network laboratory efficiency for the entire analytical laboratory is greatly increased. All Shimadzu laboratory instruments on the LabSolutions network can be stored in a central secure LabSolutions database. Since all laboratory data is being stored in the same database using a single software platform it becomes possible combine data from multiple instruments and multiple types of instruments into single unified reports.

With Shimadzu’s electronic records and Electronic signature capabilities customers can be assured that all data generated in the laboratory by any Shimadzu instruments meets all current regulatory requirements.

The Shimadzu LabSolutions ULMS system can acquire data from the following Shimadzu instruments LC, GC, LCMS, LC/MS/MS, GCMS, ICPMS, UV, IR, RF, Thermal Analysis, Balances, TOC-L, EDX, and ICP. The Shimadzu LabSolutions ULMS system can also acquire data from some non-Shimadzu instruments as well.

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