Shimadzu On-Line Analyzers

The Shimadzu TOC-4200 for on-line Total Organic Carbon and Total Nitrogen and the Shimadzu TOC-4110/4110C on-line Total Nitrogen, Total Phosphorus, and Total Organic Carbon analyzers are perfectly suited to fill the EPA´s need to collect real-time ambient or process water nutrients.

The TOC-4200 on-line TOC analyzer is based on the EPA-approved 680°C High Temperature Catalytic Oxidation Method SM 5310B. This established method is recognized worldwide as the most reliable and efficient TOC analysis technique and is particularly well-suited to complex matrices such as wastewater and seawater.

Automatically calculate TOC removal based on the United States EPA regulations. Alternatively, converting the measured TOC values allows applications to COD or BOD and, with a flow meter, calculations of the COD or BOD load.


Use the TNPC-4110 for continuous nitrogen/phosphorous/carbon analysis. This complete system is capable of pretreating, digesting, and analyzing the sample automatically. As a result, it saves time and labor, and eliminates errors associated with sample preparation.

The TNPC-4110 series utilizes the high-temperature combustion/chemiluminescence method (ASTM D8083-16) to measure total nitrogen, and measures phosphorous through the use of ultraviolet oxidation decomposition/molybdenum blue absorptiometry.(SM 4500-P E)

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