Energy and Chemicals

The energy and petrochemicals market is a wide-ranging industry related to the production, transport, and storage of energy in addition to the conversion of raw hydrocarbons and into useful end-user products such as fuels, and various chemicals and petrochemicals such as polymers and plastics.

Traditionally, raw materials in this industry originated from fossil fuel sources, such as oil and natural gas. Recently, a variety of technologies, broadly termed “renewables”, are rising to prominence in the production of petrochemical feedstocks, electricity generation, and energy storage. These include synthetic crude oil, biofuels such as ethanol, photovoltaic power, and evolving battery technologies.

Whether sourced from conventional or renewable sources, chemical and physical analysis are critical to every phase of energy and chemical production, transportation, storage, delivery, refining, and manufacturing. Shimadzu has provided solutions to laboratories for over 140 years to meet needs related to R&D, process development and control, and QA/QC laboratories within the hydrocarbon processing, renewable energy, and chemical manufacturing industries.


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