Energy and Chemicals

Energy comprises many types of modes by using complex processes to explore, extract, refine, produce and transport these products. The energy industry comprises:

  • Fossil fuels: coal, petroleum and natural gas (conventional as well as hydraulic fracturing), including liquid propane gas and liquid natural gas
  • Non fossil fuels such as: hydroelectric, battery technology, hydrogen fuel cells, nuclear power
  • Renewable fuels such as: biofuels, hydrogen fuel cells, geothermal, solar (photovoltaic)
  • Nuclear power

Shimadzu offers a multitude of solutions to meet the physical and chemical analysis needs of R&D, process development/control, and QA/QC laboratories in the energy industry. Shimadzu partners with you to ensure your critical success factors are met. From regulatory compliance to internal compliance, Shimadzu has over 140 years' experience servicing customers globally.


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