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The challenges faced by pharmaceutical manufacturers and developers are varied and complex. When analytical instruments are needed in the development and analysis of both small molecule therapeutics and biotherapeutics, the need for solutions that are innovative and reliable becomes clear. Whether your challenges are reducing the time to deliver pre-clinical drug candidates or ensuring lot-to-lot quality while maintaining data integrity, Shimadzu provides technologies built for your success.

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LC-MS workflows that deliver the speed and sensitivity needed to get that first detectable level sooner

Monoclonal Antibodies and Biosimilars

Monoclonal Antibodies and Biosimilars

Workflows for intact analysis, subunit analysis, and characterization of post-translational modifications

Oligonucleotide Analysis

Oligonucleotide Analysis

Dedicated workflows for spectroscopy and MALDI, as well as UHPLC and LC-MS solutions

Medicinal Chemistry

Medicinal Chemistry: Purification and Screening

Walk-up reaction monitoring, Method Scouting, analytical and preparative LC and SFC

Peptide and Protein Analysis

Peptide and Protein Analysis

Find MALDI, LC-MS, Edman sequencing, and FTIR solutions for protein and peptide analysis

genotoxics impurities

Genotoxics/Impurities Analysis

Our GC-MS and LC-MS solutions identify mutagenic impurities like nitrosamines to meet FDA/ICH guidance

Bioprocess and Cell Culture

Bioprocess and Cell Culture

Information is key to maintaining healthy bioreactors, see how solutions like C2MAP can revolutionize your workflow

Data integrity solutions

Data Integrity Solutions

LabSolutions expands the landscape of CDS into a full-lab informatics solution for Spectro, Elemental, and Chromatography with MS

High throughput screening

High Throughput Screening

Nexera UHPLC and SFC provides the ideal platform for high-throughput techniques like MISER and LC-MS multiplexing

Small Molecule Analysis

Small Molecule Analysis

As a spectroscopy and chromatography innovator, we can meet your small molecule analysis goals

QA and QC manufacturing

QA/QC Manufacturing

Solutions for USP analysis, from API assays, to heavy metals, to residual solvents powered by LabSolutions



Detect contact from production equipment, like single-use bioreactors, or packaging that result in unintended adulteration

Water for injectables

Water for Injectables

We are bringing Shimadzu leadership in municipal water TOC to WFI with an innovative new solution

Peak Purity / Deconvolution

Peak Purity / Deconvolution

Bringing the power of MCR-ALS deconvolution to photo diode array data to see coelution before it impacts downstream processes

AR&D Method Development

AR&D / Method Development

When a drug candidate is ready for the next step, Shimadzu has the method development and transfer tools you need

Elemental Impurities Analysis

Elemental Impurities Analysis

For PO, vial dose, and IV medications, heavy metals testing is essential, our lineup from ICP-MS to EDX meets that need

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