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An interview with Bon Clifford PhD: Why is analytical testing important in the cannabis industry?


Validation of Cannabinoids by HPLC-UV

Cannabis has regained much attention as a result of updated legislation authorizing many different uses and can be classified on the basis of the content of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), a psychotropic substance for which there are legal limitations in many countries. For this purpose, accurate qualitative and quantitative determination is essential. The relationship between THC and cannabidiol (CBD) is also significant as the latter substance is endowed with many specific and non-psychoactive proprieties. For these reasons, it becomes increasingly important and urgent to utilize fast, easy, validated, and harmonized procedures for determination of cannabinoids. The procedure described herein allows rapid determination of 10 cannabinoids from the inflorescences of Cannabis sativa L. by extraction with organic solvents. Separation and subsequent detection are by RP-HPLC-UV. Quantification is performed by an external standard method through the construction of calibration curves using pure standard chromatographic reference compounds.


Download these Cannabis and Hemp Testing Materials:

Cannabis Testing Laboratory Solutions Brochure

cannabis testing life science brochure

Hemp Testing Laboratory Solutions Brochure

Hemp testing solutions brochure

The twelve-page cannabis brochure and hemp brochure provide a general overview of potency testing, terpene profiling, pesticide analysis, residual solvents, heavy metals and moisture content. From balances to HPLCs and GCMS, Shimadzu has you covered!


The Rise of Cannabinomics

the rise of cannabinomics

U.S. Medical Marijuana Empowers A
Cannabis Laboratory Revolution (PDF)

The Analytical Scientist

the analytical scientist

Unraveling the Cannabinome (PDF)

A Closer Look at Cannabis Testing

A Closer Look at Cannabis Testing

New to cannabis testing?
Download this whitepaper (PDF)


Application Notes


Shimadzu provides a wide array of powerful technologies for cannabis and hemp testing laboratories. Primary applications and platforms are listed below: 

Application Platform
Cannabinoid Potency Testing HPLC / UHPLC
Terpene Profiling GC, GCMS(/ MS)
Pesticide Analysis LCMS/MS, GCMS/MS
Residual Solvents GC, GCMS(/MS)
Heavy Metals ICPMS
Mycotoxin/Aflatoxin Analysis LCMS
Moisture Content MOC63u Moisture BalanceAnalytical Balances

Cannabis Consumables:

In addition to providing the best instrument platforms for your cannabis testing needs, Shimadzu offers a wide range of consumables – from cannabinoid standards, columns, and vials to solvents and sample preparation devices – to keep your laboratory running efficiently.

Download our Cannabis Consumables brochure and our NexLeaf™ Columns flier to learn more.

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