Covers a broad range of applications, from potency testing to pesticide screening.
Whether looking for trace levels of precious metals, doing geochemical exploration on thousands of samples, or assaying concentrates or final product Shimadzu provides instrumentation that fits your needs.
The analysis of whole blood, plasma, serum and urine is a most insightful method in clinical research. Since the sensitivity of analytical instrumentations systems has improved steadily in recent years, research results and reliability have increased as well.
With new advances in technology comes a new age of energy generatiion
To protect the world's most vital resources requires instruments, accessories and software that can ...
The demands of your high-throughput food and beverage QA/QC laboratory require high-speed and quality...
Whether working with drugs of abuse, pharmacokinetics or trace residues, we supply you with superior sensitivity and analytical precision to meet or exceed your most complex challenges.
Shimadzu actively supports life science and biotech research in wide variety of areas such as proteomics and metabolomics.
As a manufacturer of analytical and testing instruments, Shimadzu offers a range of instruments
Shimadzu supports drug discovery, drug development and much more in the pharmaceutical industry.