ASTM D7078 - V-Notched Rail Shear Testing Method of CFRP

ASTM D7078 is a V-notched rail shear testing method that is widely used to determine the in-plane shear characteristics of composite materials. This method uses a sample without holes with a large gauge section and can accommodate CFRPs with discontinuous fibers. 

Shear strain can be calculated using the AGX Series, TRAPEZIUM X Series software and an ASTM D7078 test jig. For this test, two strain gauges were attached at the midpoint between the V notches in order to measure strain in -45° and +45° directions. The equipment configuration is shown in Table 1. Table 2 shows that the test results are highly reproducible.

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Table 1: ASTM D7078 Test Conditions

Testing Machine AGX Series
Load Cell 50 kN
Test Jig ASTM D7078 Jig
Software TRAPEZIUM X Series (Single)
Test Speed 2 mm/min

Table 2: ASTM D7078 Test Results

Specimen Shear Modulus
Shear Strength
Test 1 4.63 121.72
Test 2 4.55 120.00
Test 3 4.58 120.05
Mean 4.59 120.60

Shear Strain Distribution

ASTM D7078 Shear Strain Distribution

ASTM D7078 Specimen After Testing

ASTM D7078 Test Specimen

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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