High Speed Mechanical Testing and Imaging

Shimadzu offers state-of-the-art high-speed video cameras to assist in dynamic strength determinations utilized in computer aided design.

Hyper Vision HPV-X2 High-Speed Video Camera

Ultra-high-speed Video Recording of Up to 10 Million FPS

  • Recording speed of 10 million frames/second, the highest in its class
  • Larger, clearer, high-sensitivity recording
  • Equipped with synchronized recording function, and high-level analytical capabilities that accommodate a variety of software programs
  • ISO 16,000 - 6 times higher sensitivity compared to conventional cameras

High Speed Camera HPV-X2

HITS-X Series High Speed Impact Testing Machines

HITS-X Series High Speed Impact Testing Machines

To reduce weight and thereby improve fuel economy, aerospace and automotive designers are increasingly utilizing light-weight plastics and new composite materials.

To aid in the adoption of these new materials, designers are employing Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) modeling methods to reduce the costs associated with prototype production.

Thorough mechanical characterization of new plastics and composites is essential to ensure effective modeling and the safe adoption of these new materials in final products.  Particularly important for modeling accuracy is reliable input data concerning materials’ mechanical behavior at different strain rates and temperatures.

The Shimadzu HITS-X Series instruments allow the study of materials tensile and puncture behavior at testing speeds ranging from 0.0001 to 20 meters per second at temperatures ranging from -40 to 150 C.

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