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Malachite Green

Analysis of Malachite Green Using a Triple Quadrupole LC/MS/MS [LCMS-8030]
Malachite green, besides being used as a dye in the textile and paper industries in Japan, is also used as a synthetic antibacterial drug to treat diseases such as water mold disease in aquarium fish. Due to concern related to its carcinogenicity and genotoxicity, not to mention the persistence of its metabolite, leucomalachite green, application of malachite green with aquaculture animals is prohibited under the Pharmaceutical Affairs Act. The United States in 1981, and the European Union and China in 2002 prohibited its use with all food-related items. However, due to its low price, effectiveness, and easy availability, cases of its detection in eel, salmon and other farmed fish continue to appear, resulting in strengthened worldwide monitoring.Here, we show the quantitative analysis of malachite green and leucomalachite green using the LCMS-8030.In addition, we report the results of spiked-recovery measurements conducted using a salmon extract solution as an actual sample.

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