Physical Testing Properties

EZ-SX Food Texture Analyzer

Food Texture (EZTest)

Food texture is the sense of touch when food is handled, the visual sense recorded by eye, the oral touch sensation and palatability. Dr. Alina Szczesniak who first organized and systemized the properties related to texture such as hardness, adhesiveness, cohesiveness, brittleness, elasticity quality, gumines, and chewiness.

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Thermal Analysis

Thermal analysis has a wide variety of applications in the food industry. Examples include melting of fats in oil, degradation of cooking oils, gelatinization of starches, retrogradation of starch, measurement of moisture in starch gel, freshness of fish meat, water of crystallization and free water, investigation of freeze drying conditions, etc. Thermal analysis measures weight loss, heat flow, dimension change, and mechanical properties as a function of temperature.

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Particle Size

Shimadzu has an entire line up of particle size analyzers utilized for measurement of particle size distribution in foods. The particles can be solid, liquid, or gas bubbles in liquids or solid and liquid in air. Examples of food measure for quality control include tea, coffee, powdered milk, creamers, chocolate, and flavoring. Many food products include powdered ingredients. The mouth, tooth, and tongue feel and other characteristics of bread, cakes, pasta, etc. depend on the particle size distribution. Also, controlling the particle size distribution in beverages is important to ensure consistent quality.

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