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Forensics Application Guidebook

Forensics Application Guidebook

Our Forensics Application Guidebook covers many aspects of forensic analysis including sports doping, trace evidence detection, and forensic toxicology, as well as our applicable solutions.  

Solutions for Forensic Toxicology

Solutions for Forensic Toxicology

At Shimadzu, we have the analytical tools necessary for your forensic toxicology laboratory to be accurate, efficient, and confident with your results. Our products cover anything from sample preparation to screening, identification and confirmation. In addition, our wide range of instrumentation can be used with a variety of sample types, such as whole blood, urine, plasma, oral fluids, postmortem, tissues, etc.

GCMS and LCMS Fundamentals

Basic Principles and Theory of GCMS and LCMS

Shimadzu has a long-standing history of GCMS and LCMS.  In these two primers, which serve as textbooks as well as practical application guides, we describe the principles of GCMS and LCMS and provide a better understanding of the innovative technology behind mass spectrometry.


Fundamentals of GCMS  Fundamentals of LCMS     


For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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