Reaction Rate Analysis by Thermal Analysis

Thermal stability tests of polymer materials and medical supplies require considerable time. However, it is possible to make predictions of the reaction rate in a short time (isothermal analysis) for chemical reactions that occur over extended periods of time at comparatively low temperatures, such as decomposition (deterioration) during storage, by carrying out a reaction rate analysis with a thermal analyzer. Because activation energy, which is an indicator of the ease of a reaction, can also be obtained, it is also possible to study conditions that enable stable storage of samples. This article introduces an example in which the activation energy of the chemical reactions in decomposition (deterioration), hardening (curing), and dehydration was obtained based on data acquired by TG-DTA measurements and DSC measurements by the reaction rate analysis programs in Shimadzu LabSolutions™ TA, and isothermal analyses of the reactions were conducted.

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polymer materials, dsc, tg-dta, decomposition, hardening, Pharma & Biopharma, Small Molecule Analysis, TG-DTA, DSC
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